Recruiting means making the right human capital investment, every time. The single most important thing a company can do is recruit the right talent for every role in their business. Partner with a proven, proactive recruiting firm that guarantees success.

At Marengo Hampshire Partners, we guarantee every role we fill for the life of the role. Whether the individual we place is promoted, transferred, terminated or leaves voluntarily, we back-fill the role on an expenses-only basis.


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Before data was readily available, recruiters relied on their Rolodex to track their networks. But those networks were limited—a recruiter could only maintain so many contacts in real time.  Recruiters had to specialize geographically, in industry sectors, or in functional areas such as finance or marketing.  

This old method of recruiting limits your company to an existing network. Posting on job boards puts you in a passive position, waiting for the right candidate to discover and apply for your opening. 

What matters today is the recruiting process and investment in data, which is unlimited and available in real time. 

Innovative approach. Aligned values. Guaranteed for the life of the role.


Data is our raw material. We invest in it heavily and only use the latest, real time data for every candidate search. Our process is rigorous and we stick to it. We don’t skip steps or take opportunistic shortcuts. 

What makes our process best-in-class is our team of highly skilled recruiters. Every Marengo Hampshire Partners recruiter holds at least one master’s degree. They are highly analytical and have the critical thinking skills to optimize data and leverage our process to find the best person for your executive, middle management, and front line positions.

Marengo Hampshire Partners DSSR Recruiting Process


We’re not satisfied until we have found you the right talent. Our DSSR Process™ is rigorous and proven, and our track record is impeccable.

Our process delivers results:

  • Immediate national candidate reach
  • Relational access to millions of candidates worldwide
  • Partnership between your firm and Marengo Hampshire Partners
  • Constructive and open line of communication
  • First line access to executive management of 600,000+ enterprises across company size, industry and geography

Core Values


“As a growing developer and manager of multi-family, multi-use residential properties nationwide, we needed to build out our senior executive team. Marengo Hampshire Partners recruited the top talent from our competitors to manage our development, construction and property management teams. It was a very important stage in our growth, and now we have the right talent to take us to the next level.”

“As a services firm to the hospitality industry, our company operates in a highly-competitive environment. We are not the biggest player but we sell quality and value. Our existing sales manager took early retirement and Marengo Hampshire Partners hired a sales leader and more than a dozen Territory Managers that have outperformed our previous team.

We also had a problem with turnover on the sales team. All but two of the new Territory Managers have met or exceeded their quota in their first full year. One individual left on his own and one was terminated. Marengo Hampshire Partners back-filled both roles and backed up their guarantee with excellent replacements.“

“Our assembly and distribution division experienced significant growth over the last five years. We were at the point where we needed to evolve and bring in best practices including continuous improvement and 5S. We did not have any executives internally that could oversee these strategic initiatives, so instead of a consulting firm we worked with Marengo Hampshire Partners. They recruited a Plant Manager that had a strong background in high volume assembly environments. He completely revamped our plant floor and implemented improvements that saved us 22% on our plant labor in the first year alone.”

“As a venture-backed IT services provider, we had developed our own proprietary platform and process to compete with Amazon, Microsoft as well as a plethora of other innovators. Our VC’s charged our small founding team with aggressive growth goals that we could not have met without Marengo Hampshire Partners recruiting our mission-critical technical team, project managers, finance and accounting functions, human resources leadership and more than a dozen other key roles. They have been a true partner in our evolution.”

“As a successful global not-for-profit organization, we needed to bring in a new crop of leaders to replace retiring executives. Marengo Hampshire Partners found a CTO, CHRO and a CFO. Without exception we needed people aligned with our mission, vision and compensation structure. Marengo Hampshire Partners brought high quality candidates to the process, and we were able to select individuals that were a strong fit for our culture.”

“Our Artificial Intelligence platform for the online retail industry was in proof of concept stage when we engaged with Marengo Hampshire Partners. Marengo Hampshire Partners conducted a national search and – in a very competitive field – found us a CTO that has led our AI strategy and development efforts to the lifestage where we have major international retail brands using our technology.”

“Our business is developing and selling high-tech instruments to governments, educational institutions and large corporations. Marengo Hampshire Partners found us a head of sales that came not only with an extensive base of contacts in our industry, but knowledge of our field. He came from an indirect competitor and enable us to double our order backlog in the first 16 months.”

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