Develop. Source. Select. Retain.

When you retain Marengo Hampshire Partners to identify and select candidates for your organizations, you can be confident that you’ll make an informed decision about the most qualified candidates available for each role. Our efficient DSSR Process™ will ensure that we deliver the best possible fit for your needs.

Our highly tailored and consultative approach considers your budgets and timelines to ensure a seamless working partnership.


Step 1 – Organization Interview

Marengo Hampshire Partners interviews key executives within your organization to fully understand the history, culture, future strategy, challenges, and more. We will interview the hiring manager, peers, boards, and all stakeholders in the search.

Step 2 – Position Specification and Litmus Test Development

We formulate the information gathered during the organization interviews into a detailed position description, including key competencies and criteria. The position description is used to present your opportunity to targeted candidates. The litmus test helps create the road map for the search. Criteria are developed against which each candidate is measured. Usually, there are several “must-haves” for each search and numerous “nice-to-haves”.


Step 3 – Strategy Development

We develop a comprehensive search map with a detailed strategy that we use to source candidates. This includes developing a target list of companies and outlining resources tailored to the industry and the role.


Step 4 – Research and Candidate Development

Identify and contact potential candidates from the target list of companies. We present your firm and opportunity and bring thoroughly vetted candidates “to the table”. We proactively access talented passive candidates.

Step 5 – Candidate Assessment and Presentation

Rigorous and in-depth behavioral interviews are conducted with targeted candidates. A “slate” of finalists are presented.

You will be provided with a detailed written report on each slate candidate. That report will focus on the critical rankings against the detailed position specification.

Step 6 – Client Interviews

This is your opportunity to meet with and evaluate the final slate of candidates. Marengo Hampshire Partners will coordinate interviews.

Step 7 – Reference Checking

Marengo Hampshire Partners conducts in-depth reference checking for external views and provides a comprehensive report.


Step 8 – Offer and Negotiation

Once the finalist is selected, Marengo Hampshire Partners will facilitate the offer and negotiation process.

Only you decide when we are done.

Marengo Hampshire Partners maintains the highest ethical standards in everything we do. We are committed to providing impeccable customer service and to delivering optimal results from the beginning of a search through a candidate’s acceptance and beyond. Our dedication to our clients’ satisfaction is paramount. These values have earned us our reputation for professional excellence, confidentiality and results.

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Our Guarantee

Our recruiting model is aligned to your outcome and is non-transactional. We guarantee every role for the life of the role.  No other recruiting firm stands behind their work in this way.

Marengo Hampshire Partners is successful when we enable our clients to be successful, through their investment in the right human capital.

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Scoping the Role

Role scope and definition is mission-critical to a successful executive search. 

Most search firms and industry-focused recruiters apply standard frameworks to role definitions and incrementally add criteria specific to the client and company. 

Marengo Hampshire Partners develops role specification from the ground up, with an eye on industry-standard frameworks yet completely tailored to the company’s requirements and strategic direction.

This process requires extensive investigation and stakeholder interviews, business strategy immersion, and industry and parallel company investigation. Instead of renovating an existing role, we are architects of the vision for the new role.